Lo que hacemos

¡Hola! Welcome to the Mi Spanish for your English- Playa del Carmen Meetup group.

Who we are:
• A Meetup for language and cultural exchange
• Native Spanish & native English speakers sharing our languages
• A voluntary group, coordinated by volunteers

What we do:
• Share the time equally in Spanish and in English
• Practice in pairs or in small groups, depending on numbers

• You should at least be able to comfortably exchange greetings and talk about the basics of your life in the other language. If you cannot do these things just yet, it would be better to study more on your own or in a class before joining a conversation group.

• Despite our best efforts, many members do not RSVP to attend. Attendee lists that you see are not necessarily accurate (unfortunately). Please don't let a lack of sign-ups dissuade you from attending. This situation is improving.

• Purchase your beverage at the counter
• Give $20 pesos (2 dollars) to the organizer
• Join the group

• Enjoy meeting new friends
• Be respectful, polite, and friendly
• Share the time in each language 50/50
• Help and correct your conversational partners in the way they would prefer
• RSVP; if it’s “maybe”, say “yes” and add a comment
• Arrive 15 minutes early to allow time to buy beverages, gather, and organize
• Clean up after yourself: collect, discard, and recycle items appropriately

• Expect your conversational partner to be a language teacher/expert
• Correct someone who is speaking in her/his native language
• Use the group as a singles club to make dates
• Use the group as a business networking/sales opportunity

• $20 pesos or $2 dollars per person/per meeting for expenses & materials costs (no one profits)
• The place for the meeting is a business: Buy something -- it can be a fancy beverage or a simple cup of tea
• Absolutely no outside food or drinks