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Want to live a happy life? - November Meeting
Want to live a happy life … are you looking in the right direction? “If you want to live a happy life … live a happy life! You will not find it in the past nor in the future, you’ll only find it in the here & now in the quiet space of your mind.” Mike Schwarzer Happiness on tap, wouldn’t that be great! For many, happiness is a goal that feels like chasing one’s own tail, right in front of one’s eyes yet evading one’s grasp. Why is that? What most people mean when they talk of happiness is the ‘HAPPY’ feeling they get or seek from the events and their experiences of life – the quality of their relationships, the level of meaning of the work they do, the money they have at their disposal, the things they own and the overall circumstances of life around them. Here is the thing. When we make our happiness dependent on those external circumstances we can find ourselves in strife where catching happiness turns into a game of chasing your own tail. That is an outside-in game played by our personal or ego mind. It assumes that happiness is a reflection of our external circumstances and seeks validation of that. The level of happiness we can achieve in this game is very much reliant on the quality of our assumptive meaning making capabilities. And even then, happiness can still be a challenge to maintain. This approach is pointing to the world thought and is the space that NLP works with! What if there was an easier and more natural way? What if happiness wasn’t something that is dependent on your life’s circumstances nor something that needed to be achieved? What if happiness was inherent and always present despite what you have or don’t have, even despite how you feel or not feel at any given moment? What if there was another game to be played? Wouldn’t that be cool? Meet your impersonal or deeper mind. The deeper mind plays the game of life to a different tune, inside-out thinking. It exists outside the distortive nature of the ego mind and therefore a place that is not guided nor distracted by the ego mind’s illusionary assumptions. When we tap into the space of our deeper mind, we see the world with much greater clarity, purity and insight. This allows us to live a more harmonious and peaceful life! This approach is pointing to the world of our higher intelligence and the insights from it. To tap into this space requires all but a quiet mind! In this interactive and conversational session, you get to explore and experience the innate nature of the Deeper Mind, learn about the role of the Ego Mind, how we can use NLP as a mechanism to describe our experiences and the impact it has on your life! What are the areas in your life where you would like to have greater clarity and fulfilment? Imagine experiencing greater peacefulness and joy, connecting at deeper levels and more effortlessly with the people around you – your loved ones, friends or colleagues and clients; and being more in touch with your inner resources when dealing with the challenges of life! ... if that speaks to you, this session might just be for you! About Mike Schwarzer Mike is a Transformation Professional, a Learning Leader and an Internationally Certified Trainer in Applied Neuro Synergy & NLP with the Global Association of Applied Neuro Synergy, GAANS. As an experienced facilitator and coach, he helps individuals, leaders and organisations to solve the problems that they have not been able to solve elsewhere. Mike works with the underlying mental, behavioural and deeper innate dynamics that drive people’s and organisations’ thinking and actions. They learn how to tap into their inner and outer capabilities in transformational ways and develop behaviours and qualities that are flexible and supportive of the challenges of an increasingly uncertain and complex world. For more information about Mike visit and

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