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We’re excited to bring you the latest happenings in AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Science and Big Data.

The NU Machine Learning Meetup is a club for students, techies, entrepreneurs, and weekend-warriors interested in Machine Learning. The meetup aims to foster a strong environment for professional development where members can easily share their knowledge and experience in Machine Learning with one another through regular member-given lectures/group discussions and events.

Who are we? We’re H2O.ai ( https://www.h2o.ai/ ), creators of the world’s leading open-source machine learning platform, used by hundreds of thousands of data scientists and 18,000 organizations around the world.

Our goal is to congregate with data enthusiasts and discuss trending topics in the world of AI. We also regularly invite esteemed industry influencers and thought leaders who talk shop on all things data science.

Sound like a good time?

Interested in H2O or our automatic machine learning platform, H2O Driverless AI? Learn more here: https://www.h2o.ai/download/

Already a rainmaker (H2O power user) or have questions? Please visit our StackOverflow page. ( http://stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/h2o )

If you’d like to speak at future meetups, co-promote your meetup or inquire about sponsorship opportunities, please reach out to ian@h2o.ai.

Read about our code of conduct here: https://www.h2o.ai/code-of-conduct/

Thank you for advancing the future of data science,


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