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Join us for a delicious potluck & presentation from guest speaker Katie Cantrell
Please join us for another delicious plant-based potluck and an excellent presentation from guest speaker Katie Cantrell. BIO: Katie Cantrell is the founder and Executive Director of the Factory Farming Awareness Coalition. After graduating from UC Berkeley, Katie founded FFAC to educate people about the ecological and social justice hazards of industrial animal agriculture. She has since given over 250 presentations to venues such as Yale, Stanford, and the UC Berkeley Goldman School of Public Policy. Her materials have been used as a resource by food justice advocates across North America. ABOUT FFAC: The Factory Farming Awareness Coalition is an educational non-profit committed to empowering people to help save animals, the environment, and our own health through our daily food choices. By educating young people and stakeholder audiences about the realities of factory farming, FFAC works to build both a consumer base for a sustainable, compassionate food system and an informed citizenry that supports cultural and legislative change.

Community Room, Kailash Ecovillage

4311 SE 37th Avenue · Portland, OR

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    Come join us in exploring the myriad benefits of a whole food plant-based diet and how this delicious way of eating can help you realize incredible health benefits.


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