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PostgreSQL es la Base de Datos de código abierto más avanzada del mundo. Este grupo de usuarios de Argentina está orientado a conectar DBA, programadores, líderes, gerentes, emprendedores, docentes, estudiantes y entusiastas interesados en Postgres. Se organizan Charlas, Talleres y Jornadas intensivas PgDay, en varios puntos del país.

Todos son bienvenidos a participar, desde principiantes a expertos!

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Fireside Chat: BDR - Advanced Clustering & Scaling for PostgreSQL

Session on the BDR - Advanced Clustering & Scaling for PostgreSQL - with Simon Riggs and Tom Kincaid. The chat will present use cases of BDR, how different businesses are using the tool, the scale at which BDR can be used and more. The speakers will discuss: What is BDR? Why do enterprises need BDR? How can BDR be used to scale your business? Main use cases and features of BDR Development history Advanced features among other topics. You need to register before entering the event. The chat is held in English. Time of the event: 4pm UTC (*) Simon Riggs is the Founder and CEO of 2ndQuadrant. With more than 30 years of experience in the Database Technology industry, he is one of the few major developers and committers to the open source PostgreSQL project having contributed in every release to date. Simon has worked with enterprise-class database applications and uses his operational experience to contribute to many features of PostgreSQL’s internal design and usability. He is also co-author of the “PostgreSQL Administration Cookbook”. (*) Tom Kincaid has been developing, deploying, and supporting Database Systems and Enterprise Software for over 25 years. He has overseen the design and delivery of numerous Postgres training solutions along with the deployment of PostgreSQL at both major Fortune 100 financial institutions and military facilities all over the world. Teams under Tom's management have delivered major features that have since become part of PostgreSQL core. He has overseen the design and successful delivery of High Availability products for PostgreSQL and other types of databases. Tom is the founder of the Boston PostgreSQL Meetup group, which has grown to over 130 members in under 3 years.

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