Lo que hacemos

Este es un grupo para aquellos artistas que buscan una comunidad en que Co-desarrollarse y apoyarse y además para dibujar modelos en vivo.

1. What this Meetup Group is about: A group for established and upcoming artists to create community while practicing their figure drawing skills with a live model, for which we will all share the cost.

2. Who should join: This group is intended for all artists, young and old, currently living in Puebla, Mexico. This will be an ideal group for artists whose favourite topic is the human figure.

3. Why artists should join: To create community and to practice our figure drawing skills. As young artists we all need the support of other young and established artists as we establish our career and learn how to make a living off of what we love to do.

4. What members can expect: Most community building will occur during and around the drawing of live, nude models during periods of 2-3 hour sessions.

Here is the organizer's artist website: http://www.nicolaslunafleck.com

Why draw the human nude?

by Nicolas Luna

Artist and Teacher

Many people, especially in Thailand, might ask, "why should we draw the human nude?" "Isn't it the same as drawing some other object, and maybe even a little bit perverted?" My answer to both questions is "Not at all."

However, before I can explain why it is important for every curious soul to draw the human nude, I would like to first explain why I think drawing is a skill which we should all learn: 1. To learn to draw is to learn to see clearly the world around us. This in turn helps us understand our world even more. As Peter Steinhart so clearly put it, "A drawing is a picture of our understanding. As most understandings are flawed, most drawings are flawed. One draws chiefly to advance one's understanding". 2. Humans are the most complicated and difficult part of nature to draw because we know humans so well. We are constantly sorrounded by them, and because of the way the human brain works, what we "know" best is hardest to see (and therefore to draw) most truthfully.

I believe humans are the most complicated object to draw, not just because we have such deeply held beliefs about how we and others should look, but because we are entire landscapes, all in one body. If we can master the drawing of a human, then any other object we draw will be easy.

But why must we draw nude humans, you may ask: Because clothing is a social marker and without clothes we are all equal. There is magic in looking deeply at a nude human. There is connection and there is truth. When we draw a nude human we draw their humanity, not what they may call themselves or what their social rank may be, but their most basic humanity. We draw to learn more about their humanity, our shared humanity. To draw, thus, is an act of peace. And nowadays, we need peace and understanding more than ever.


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