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Language Exchange.
Hi. This meeting is for language exchange, talking, laughing and enjoy a delicious coffe :). More later we could play some gameboards or read a book as you wish. This meeting is free just if you want buy your coffe. I hope you enjoy it. We still haven't found a good place so please when you're going to attend check the place for the date. Thanks See you later. Pdta : It's important you know this is not a language class don't expect the organizer make all so it's better for improve your language everytime you go prepare something to talk with your partner. .We are looking for people who suggest activities or if you have some games it would be great .. Follow us here: Also you can find us in the events of couchsurfing or polyglotclub If you have any question please let me know my number is[masked]. Vale or [masked] Sergio

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Hello, as of right now this meetup is just a way to meet other people living in Mexico who want to practice their English. There is no event organizer. The meetups are scheduled to reoccur on a weekly basis in Juriquilla. THere is no host. Please be responsible for your own safety. Keep in mind that many people on here are rude. They don't even show up to the event. Also, read the description. I"m not currently attending the meetups because I don't have time. Please message with people on the day of the meetup to confirm they will be there. Again, many people click attend, with no intention of going to the meetup.

If you're a proffesional and you want a free option to pracitce your English in person, this may work. But keep in mind that you get what you pay for.