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Bring your laptop and get ready to code! We'll be learning about various game development techniques.

Full Sail Campus

139 University Park Dr · Winter Park, FL

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If you are interested in programming video games and independent game development then this group is for you! We hold lectures on video game programming techniques and promote the development of games by groups of developers. Artists (2D and 3D) as well as Audio engineers who want to get into game development are also welcome!

We hold meetings once a month. The meeting is usually a tutorial meeting where the group members decide the topic and sometimes even give the lecture. After lecture club members can discuss what they are working on, get help, guidance, or look for other like minded individuals to help contribute to their projects.

We use Unreal Engine 4 for both 2D and 3D. We cover a wide range of topics from beginner to advanced. If there is a topic or a tutorial you would like to see, please send a message to David Brown, Co-founder of the Guild of Independent Game Developers.

As of 9/10/18 we have a new rule where if we don't get at least 5 RSVPs to a meeting (not including the organizer) the meeting will not be held at Full Sail and will be twitch streamed only.

Starting 3/11/18 we will be live streaming to twitch: (

Also join us on discord at:


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