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Mexico City, 2017

Greetings to all the traders out there!

If you love the world of pips, points, technical analysis, Fed speeches, monetary policies, value investing, fundamentals, risk management, interest rates, currency markets, options, cryptocurrencies, stocks, algorithmic's, dividends, stops, limits.... etc².

This is your place and we welcome you to your meet up!

My name is Dimitri and I have been an active trader for several years now, with hard defeats and glorious wins in the markets. I have been fortunate to be a self-taught trader and proud of having local & international mentors.

Personally, I hate all the misinformation and 'BullSh**t' about trading, "Get rich in 48 Hours" as well as the many frauds that are circulating out there and fooling people's well earned money.

In 'Trader2Trader' we firmly believe that the development of informed traders will make an important difference in their trading and the marketplace overall.

Our mission is to learn, share & develop best practices in trading with profitable strategies in mind, in a respectful, committed and open space format.

We would like to invite you to our special upcoming meetups held in Mexico City.

In our meetup, the main idea is to share Ideas (crazy included), your Trades (good and bad), your Experiences (A-Z). Together we can progressively build a community of informed Traders in Mexico City & Beyond, join us to improve and grow the meetup together!

This is a special meetup designed by Real Traders with exclusive content for Real Traders.



All levels are welcome, just keep it serious!

Happy Trading!