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Celebrate 2018 with new Friendships ~

Our first chapter in Alexandria, VA was founded January, 2012. The Chapter in Naples was founded after a friend moved from Alexandria to Florida. Another friend moved to Greenville, NC and we established a chapter in January of 2016. And so it goes, as women relocate, our groups help with the transition and creating new friendships. Women's Circle of Friends has been a game changer for me and I hope it will be for you as well.

Have you recently relocated leaving close friends behind? Are you a snow bird? Lucky you, if you are! Perhaps your friendships drifted over time. Studies reveal women of all ages change friends about every five years. You may have childhood or life-long friends in your life, but as life changes, so do friendships. Creating new friend connections is crucial to our health and well being.

We are: A vibrant community of fun women in our 40’s, 50's and up, who wish to create new friendships. We understand the empowerment new friends and connections are to our spirit and physical health.

How it works? Members use our website calendar to organize and advertise events. Each event you create and/or attend, a new connection is made; before you know it, you have a new Circle of Friends. We encourage everyone in our community to suggest and organize events; number of attendees can be capped, if a smaller group is desired. Choose a location within your neighborhood or surrounding area and branch out from there. Sometimes simple is best: Like a small intimate happy hour or meetup for coffee at a restaurant. Because so many ladies take an active role, you will see a variety of fun events and frequent opportunities to meet new people and make new friend-connections.

Your contribution: Intentional involvement! This is not a typical meetup group where one organizer does everything. We all pledge and encourage each other to create fun opportunities to get together. We ask that you add events to the calendar and we ask everyone to bring your best you: plenty of humor, generosity, sensitivity and kindness. We foster a supportive, inspiring environment and encourage each other to develop authentic and strong friendships. Taking on something BIG, like training to complete a fitness event? Missing a girls night out or chatting on the phone? We will be cheerleaders, encouraging each other to meet goals. Need a hand with a project around the house? Let’s schedule an afternoon work party and get ‘er done. Maybe you want to attend another meet up event and do not want to go alone. Perhaps you have a cause dear, to your heart? Volunteering is way more fun to when friends are beside you.

Activities: Walking, jogging, kayaking, bunco, bicycling, attending concerts, volunteering.... so many choices! Your ideas and enthusiasm are welcomed. With our combined resources and talents we are confident your suggestions and contributions will result in very special events. Maybe you enjoy walking/jogging or bike riding on a regular basis and want friends to join you. Simply decide location, date and time then advertise your event on our group's website. Friendships ensure your activities fun and will motivate and inspire you reach your goal.

This is your time to get out of your comfort zone. Make a leap of faith and join us. Welcome to the Circle; we are glad you are here.


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