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Do you want to speak English and hang out with internationally minded English speakers in Hamburg? Then join our Meetup group: the oldest and most active English speaking Meetup Group in all of Hamburg!

We meet regularly (on average about 3 times a month) at various locations throughout Hamburg to eat, drink, be merry, and ... well ... to speak English.

Our favorite locations lately have been the Hamburger Kammerspiele (near the university), the CavaRo Weinbar (also near the university), Cliffs an der Aussen Alster (on the west shore of the Alster), and Hadley's (near Schlump), but we also periodically try out something new.

You don't have to be a native English speaker to attend, but if you don't understand English, you may find us somewhat boring.... ;-)

Admission always doesn't cost anything, so feel free to come join us some time. You can also bring friends along, but, please, leave your enemies at home. :-)


If you are curious what "E-Tisch" stands for (apart from "English Table"):

- English speaking ("englischsprachig")

- Trendy locations ("angesagte Treffpunkte")

- International mindsets ("internationale Denkweisen")

- Sociable people ("gesellige Leute")

- Cost saving ("kostengünstig")

- Hospitable hosts ("gastfreundliche Gastgeber")

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Saturday evening E-Tisch at the Kammerspiele - 30 March 2019

Hi everyone, For our 7th English-Stammtisch of 2019, we will be returning once again to the lovely and charming chambers of the the Hamburger Kammerspiele, where wine, beer, soft drinks, and french fries await us. :-) As always, we can mix and mingle in the large bar area or even outdoors on the covered terrace. (We won't be attending any plays at the theater....) We will also have a little music session after 21:30 in the glass room in the front (the Künstlertreff). David will bring a guitar, more new sheet music, and the ever popular music shakers. :-) Curious? Here are the details: Time: Saturday evening, 30 March 2019 starting at 20:00. Place: Hamburger Kammerspiele, Hartungstrasse 9-11 (Univiertel) http://www.bistro-jerusalem.de Subway ways: U-Bahn Hallerstraße, Hallerstraße or Hallerstraße. (Please just choose Hallerstraße. Or take mega-bus 15, 5 or 4.) Price of admission: Zero Euros. (No student discounts available.) Attendance: Between 40 and 100 people. This time probably 50 or so ... but who knows? The next E-Tisch will probably be in April 2019...... Stay tuned for details! :-) Many “Grüße”, African Anton, Chapin, Canadian Bob, Diego, Singing Indra, Milena, Andreas, Happy Nina, Johanna, and David (and lots of international E-Tisch-people!) PS The new Meetup layout finally has fewer bugs and errors (referred to by Meetup HQ as "features"), so at last some funny photos etc again.

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