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Applications of data science to two-sided marketplaces
In this talk we will discuss several topics related to the application of Data Science & Machine Learning to two-sided marketplaces, based on our experience within letgo, one of the largest peer-to-peer marketplaces in the US. More precisely, we will talk about: * How to use data science to develop a Growth framework * Applications of Computer Vision to real-time on-device listing classification * Relevance and ranking in marketplaces (Please note that the topics are subject to change.)


Plaça Pau Vila, 1, Edifici Palau de Mar, Oficina 3C, Moll del Dipòsit, Barcelona · 08039

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    Lo que hacemos

    This is a knowledge sharing group. We want to learn more about machine learning.

    There will be two types of sessions:
    - Go in depth sessions: the objective is the good understanding of the machine learning techniques. These sessions can also be used to learn other closely related areas such as optimization, classic statistics, game theory...

    Disclaimer: some topics may require the use of mathematical tools, so one should be opened to working with mathematics.

    - Exploratory sessions: the objective is to explain the general/key ideas of techniques and experiences with machine learning.


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