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FPBrno Reunion: FP Introduction + DSLs and Generalized Recursion Schemes
It's been a while since our last meetup but together with our new partner CEAI ( we're planning to do more regular gatherings. We have two planned presentations for this meetup: 1. Functional Programming Introduction by František Kocun from CEAI: * Most introductions to functional programming are concerned with processing immutable data structures like lists, options, and maps. I will take a different approach and show you how to handle side-effects the FP way. First I will introduce you to a few useful techniques and then show examples with validating data and IO heavy application. 2. DSLs and Generalized Recursion Schemes by Marek Kidoň The presentations will be in Czech/Slovak or English (depending on the audience).

Restaurace THALIE

Rooseveltova 14 · Brno

Respuesta antes del: 22/11/2018

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