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Infobyte is the leading provider in offensive cyber security. Our goal is to help you understand your security posture by offering customized solutions that optimize your audit process and enhance the coverage for your vital information.

Our experts designed Faraday®, a comprehensive platform for vulnerability management that simplifies your work automating scans and reports. A real-time collaborative environment that increases transparency, speed and efficiency for your audits and for your teams. This provides greater visibility and helps you to make smarter security investments and leverage your existing resources.

We service numerous companies from the Global 2000. Our tailor-made solutions allows us to be sensitive to the different needs and requirements of an organization across a wide range of sizes and industries providing turn-key solutions for every case.

Infobyte is strongly committed to the IT Security community. We are a founding member of Ekoparty, which is the largest security conference in Latin America.

At Infobyte we offer you personalized services and proactive solutions to ensure your information stays in the right hands.


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