• Risk Based Decisions with Charlene Deaver-Vazquez

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    90% of businesses fail – let’s change that statistic

    Small businesses fail because they either don’t have a strategy or they fail to execute that strategy. When faced with a challenge, they either didn’t have a way to work through the problem or worse yet they didn’t see it coming. Large organizations know the value of analysis as the basis for decisions. Applying standard methods can consistently produce better outcomes. Learn the basic skills anyone can easily apply for improving your likelihood of success.

    About Charlene Deaver-Vazquez
    Charlene is passionate about shifting the balance from failure to success. She loves developing tools and methods that help organizations consistently make better decisions.

    She is a risk advisor and trusted agent, with over 30 years of IT and security-relaced experience. For the last several years she has supported the Nuclear Regulatory Commission with quantitative risk analysis.

  • UP and DOWNS but in the end - SUCCESS

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    Michael Risich - Entrepreneur turned technologist, turned technology founder with exciting journey building a SaaS business scaling to 10M in ARR with an exit to PE firm!

  • From Consulting to Entrepreneurship: How to Successfully Make the Transition

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    With the fast growing market transformation, it’s a key task to find the fit and your unique selling point. Ihor will share best of his knowledge about key aspects of transitioning from a consulting career to entrepreneurship, including identifying a market need, developing a unique value proposition, building a team, and managing risk. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of mindset shifts, such as embracing uncertainty and learning from failure, in order to succeed as an entrepreneur.

    Ihor will share with you:

    • How to build the unique value
    • Where to find the very first clients
    • Set up a business processes from a-z
    • How to scale and what’s next?--

    Ihor Bauman is a speaker, entrepreneur, CEO & Co-Founder of Workee.net. With over a decade of experience in product development and management, Ihor is passionate about innovation and helping freelancers worldwide.

    He has spoken at various conferences and events, including the Global Entrepreneurship Summit, the European Innovation Day, and the G20 Young Entrepreneurs' Alliance Summit.

    His expertise in entrepreneurship and innovation has earned him recognition as a Forbes Business Council member.