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Mar del Plata - Language Exchange is a social group that aims to build a new community based on friendship and language exchange.

One or twice a month we organize FREE events to practice English. This group welcomes English learners from basic to advanced levels. However, some of us speak other languages as well ;)

For each of the events, we prepare icebreaker activities and games. This group also welcomes Mar del Plata locals, those from outside the city, and international guests. On occasion, we may also do trips, walks, or go to bars/coffee shops. The main goal is to practice English, meet people, and have a good time. This experience wouldn't be complete without drinking mate and eating facturas, though! So, feel free to bring your mate set!


Mar del Plata - Language exchange welcomes suggestions from its members. Feel free to message me (Estefania) with any ideas or questions.