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This tri-lingual group (English-French-Spanish) is for enthusiastic educators and trainers who believe in lifelong learning and modern brain-friendly teaching techniques to help the "whole" person do their best.

We discuss how to make learning personal, motivating, effective and fun, calling on up-to-date research into how the brain (and the body attached) really does like to learn.


The challenges faced in France and other 'first world' countries like Britain today are serious, both in the national education system and in adult education; standardised, industrial-age teaching systems heavy on testing 'knowledge' with little flexibility or personalisation are the norm. Serious international studies show clearly that this approach is not working.

Then there are budgetary pressures and teachers are often tired and working in stressful situations with their efforts going largely unrecognised or unappreciated.

What's more, each new government invariably decides to 'reform' the education system, but only concentrates on the topics being taught and the testing of those topics; topics dominated by mathematics, sciences and language.

More artistic and expressive subjects such as art, music, theatre, crafts, dance and sports are minority topics if they are present at all. Modern learning science tell us that this is very bad indeed.

Sadly, the teaching aspect of education - the 'human' side - , which we believe is the most important of all, is usually ignored by each and every round of so-called educational reforms. Unfortunately, this is exactly the area in which real progress could be made by helping teachers to 'teach the person' as well as the subject they are experts in.

Our aim is not to destroy the current system (not just yet, anyway) but to tackle this intelligently by discussing the powerful techniques available to help learners learn better and teachers to teach more effectively.

With this understanding and our positive mutual support we will be able to put some of these ideas into practice on a case by case basis and to influence and convince through great results. Join us!

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