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Gradle - Build Happiness
Hi folks! It's about time we start our '18-'19 season! We'll start this year with the backbone of every development project: the build tool. ➡️ 🔊Share the love As usual, our poster to promote the event at your office is available for print here: Don't hesitate to promote it on the social media as well. ➡️ 📖Abstract Why Gradle? Gradle has been around for a while as a Java build tool. Its power and expressiveness make it sometimes challenging to approach. And thus the question is: why should I take the time to learn Gradle? After gaining a basic understanding of Gradle build script for a Java project, we will look into the features that make Gradle shine. Through work avoidance, parallelisation and caching, you will see how Gradle keeps build time low even for complex projects and how this can significantly impact development workflow for you and your team. After this session you will understand why the Grade tag line is “Build happiness”! ➡️ 🗣The Speaker Louis Jacomet has been perfecting his knowledge of Java for more than 15 years. Always a developer at heart, his role evolved over the last years to include technical team leading, coaching and some management. In addition to the bits and bytes, Louis is interested in people management skills mandatory to create a productive project team. To complete the buzzword bingo, Louis is interested in agile practices for the visibility, communication and result orientation it promotes. After working remotely from Belgium for Terracotta, with a focus on Ehcache, Louis is now part of the Gradle build tool team. ➡️ 💰Our sponsor Computer Futures is a well established IT recruiting and contracting company. They are looking for new ways to find talents by putting people first. With a proven track record in IT recruitment, we enjoy success within all sectors and business types. From single job vacancies to large-scale projects, our proficiency in providing exceptional professionals across the board has carved our reputation as a secure and significant supplier partner. A big thank you for their support!

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The Java platform and its ecosystem is more vibrant than ever. Brussels is a great city full of talent.

Mix both, and you'll get the BruJUG, a local Java User Group where passionate Java developers can, for FREE, attend presentations given by passionate speakers.

Since 2010, a simple formula: an evening session with one (or more) speaker(s) on various tech topics, followed by a well deserved drink/meal in a pub nearby for anyone interested in following the discussion.

Our stage is open to technology experts, developer advocates, but also to any of you willing to share parts of his/her knowledge with the crew.

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Do you want to come for the first time, but worry to be lost and alone in the crowd? No problem, just drop us a nice (private) mail/message and we will take care of you, and we promise to make it as nice and pleasant experience.

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