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We are a community of WordPress users, designers and developers in the creative heart of the Cotswolds, we come together on a regular basis to learn, share and engage with other users whilst we meander through our WordPress journey. This WordPress Meetup is open to all who love WordPress --- join us!

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WordPress & GraphQL + Docker & WordPress for developers

With a slight change to the usual, this meetup will be held on a Thursday and we are delighted to invite you along! We meet from 7 pm and aim to get our first speaker underway at around 7.30 pm, this gives everyone enough time to arrive, get a drink and help themselves to the sandwiches provided. If you're a newcomer don't worry, we'll keep a friendly eye open for you and introduce you to the others so you'll feel welcome. This evening will have 2 presentations each followed by questions. Between presentations, we'll take a short break followed by the closing remarks to finish the meetup. Things usually come to a close at around 9.45 pm but you will still have time to mingle and chat if you so wish. Here's what's on the agenda... /************************************* * 7.30pm * WordPress and GraphQL * with Michael Burridge * Skill Level: Intermediate *************************************/ GraphQL is a query language for requesting data from APIs. In this talk we will look at how we can use GraphQL to request data from an API and use it in our client applications. We will also look at how to set up WordPress to provide a GraphQL based API, how to ensure that our Custom Post Types and Custom Taxonomies will respond to GraphQL requests, how to add post meta to the API schema, and also look at how we can examine API schemas using the GraphiQL tool. In addition we will compare GraphQL with the WordPress REST-API and examine the benefits and drawbacks of each. Michael is... a freelance WordPress theme and plugin developer based in Bristol, Michael was the Lead Organiser of the first do_action day in Europe. A WordPress Evangelist, who enjoys reading all things about it. He is a WordCamp Europe 2019 organiser and contributes to the Make WordPress plugins team. https://twitter.com/michaelburridge http://zyriab.co.uk/ /************************************* * 8.30pm * Docker and WordPress for developers * with Peter Fisher * Skill Level: Intermediate *************************************/ WordPress sites may outgrow their build tools due to increased complexity, maintenance overheads, feature development and traffic load. At this point alternative tools for WordPress development, deployment and distribution may be required. It is important for both developers and content creators of WordPress to be aware of these complexities and to gain this understanding before it is too late. Docker is tool that could be considered to help streamline and mitigate these issues. This talk explains what Docker is and why it should be considered as a build and distribution tool for WordPress. Of course, Docker adds a level of complexity to an existing setup which needs to be justified and this is discussed in depth during the talk. Peter Fisher is... a freelance web developer and host of the How To Code Well podcast, YouTube channel and live codes regularly on Twitch. https://twitter.com/pfwd https://twitter.com/howToCodeWell https://howtocodewell.net

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