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As a fashion designer, supplier, waste manager or consumer you have a role to play to make fashion circular.

Unica is a circular fashion movement with one goal: to transform the fashion industry. Yep, a huge one 🤓

Want to understand the impact of fashion & share sustainable best practices?

Let's do this together every third Tuesday of the month, as a community we learn faster & speak louder 💪

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- 17/09/2019 #3

- 15/10/2019 #4

- 19/11/2019 #5

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Are you interested in changing the fashion industry? Would you like to live in a world where the clothes you wear are not full of toxic colors? Do you want to learn how to build circular solutions? Unica Earth invites you to think differently. Join us on December 17th to build a growth plan for Lutea, a Belgian alternative to toxic dying! ------- AGENDA OF THE NIGHT ------- 6:30 pm - QUIZZ & Presentation of Lutea and its growth challenges. What do you know about non-toxic colors? 7:00 pm - Brainstorm about creative solutions to expend Lutea's reach. The more non-toxic dyes are used, the better for your health and the environment. 8:00 pm - Define how you could contribute to that strategy and who are the people to nudge. 8:30 pm - Present your solution! Unica organizes a Circular Fashion Meetups in Brussels every month. The question is not if fashion can have a positive impact, the question is when, how and what role you can play! Join us on : Website - https://unica.earth Instagram - unica_earth YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=unica+earth Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/unicaearth/

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