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If you take content seriously, then this group is for you. It's a relaxed and informal atmosphere for content professionals to meet one and learn from another. It's also a place where organisations looking for serious solutions to content dilemmas can come to find answers.

We'll discuss how to use content to solve business problems, explore industry best practices, discuss trends in the management of content, and share case studies. We’ll also discuss a particular pain-point of working in content: content strategy, content marketing, social content, etc, at each meetup, and leave time for the group to do some peer learning and discussion.

We also want to showcase some of the tools and technologies in the marketplace (that might otherwise be hard to get access to unless you encounter them in the workplace). Content, Seriously is for anyone who works with content and wants to get more out of theirs.

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From Text to Sound: Writing for voice-enabled devices

The Book Club

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Voice interactions are gaining speed quickly, from searches done on mobile devices to using voice commands with devices such as Amazon Echo. As organisations realise it's not enough to "just read out your text", there's a risk that your content may be the best factually, but won't be delivered, in favour of device-friendlier content. Voice design is a discipline unto itself, and best practices are already emerging in the quest for design for voice. Laura Morinigo, founder and CIO of dMod Labs, is a Google Developers Expert who has worked extensively with voice technologies. She will share practical knowledge for content professionals who want to prepare for the future by adding voice-designed content to their skill sets.

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