Words and the design process, InVision Design Talk

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Content Strategy Lausanne
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Venez regarder en live le talk proposé par InVision =)
Nous en discuterons ensuite avec un apéro offert par Liip!

Let's watch the live talk together =)
We'll discuss it afterwards with an apéro offered by Liip!

Words and the design process, InVision Design Talk

When it comes to building products, some people might think of content as a final flourish, words on a page or screen that can be written just before launch. But we know thoughtful, consistent interface content is a core element of a well-designed user experience. In this talk, we look at how to incorporate content throughout the design process.

Talk by Biz Sanford
Biz has spent the last three years building products and tools that help more than 600,000 Shopify entrepreneurs grow their businesses. She manages Shopify’s voice and tone, sets content standards, and teaches the entire organization how to write their own great content.

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