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As a global leader in personalised digital performance advertising, we rely extensively on the rampant creativity of our worldclass R&D teams in developing some of the coolest disruptive technologies around.

Our meetups are dedicated to discussing (but not limited to) innovative technologies in Criteo Labs by our Engineers, Data-Scientists & Researchers. We also welcome everyone to share their experiences in the tech community with us. Read more about Criteo Labs here (http://www.criteolabs.com)

Check out the last meet-up: Infra tech talks #2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dVXWBIiE82o... (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dVXWBIiE82o&t=3s)

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Criteo Labs is excited to bring you our next SRE meetup in our Paris office. We have a great line-up of talks from both our Criteo R&D Engineers and our guest speaker. ⌚ Agenda : 6:30 pm : welcome 7:00 pm : talks 9:00 pm : networking _______________________________________________________________________________________ Talks : 🎤 Christophe Nasarre-Soulier, Staff Software Dev Eng Actions at Criteo 📃 A day of investigations at Criteo In our team, a large part of our time is dedicated to solve issues met by Criteo .NET applications. Come and discover which tool to use from Process Explorer to WinDBG, including our own self-built tools in your own investigations. 🎤 Olivier Mallassi, Principal Architect at Murex 📃 Legacy is an asset that can also follow "rules of big" When we hear about "Legacy" we, as tech guys, often run away to look for green-field projects where we can express all our creativity. It is true that legacy system is not an easy place to work in and you likely have to adapt and play with the overall system of constraints, and at some point break some of them. Ones can see this ability to overcome constraints as greater creativity. In fact, whatever you see it, Legacy System is an asset that can and must evolve and follow best practices. The idea here is to share some patterns and technologies (data, stream, cloud) we use on the MX.III platform to unleash our monolith, and follow the state-of-the-art rules. 🎤 Pierre Mavro, Staff SRE Lead at Criteo 📃Kubernetes at NoSQL Managing stateful applications is not an easy task. Getting them working at scale on +3500 servers world wide starts to be very time consuming. We'll talk about challenges we've been facing when moving from a full configuration manager (chef) solution to a mixed solution with a scheduler (Kubernetes). We'll also talk about the pitfalls to avoid when switching to a scheduler for stateful apps. 🎤 Pierre Souchay, Senior Staff SRE Lead at Criteo 📃Discovery Scaling Challenges & Opportunities In the last year, Criteo has been performing Critical changes to Consul, the heart of current Discovery at Criteo to address performance and robustness. We will expose the changes we made and future directions towards safer APIs and new incoming features.

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