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Criteo Labs is excited to bring you our next infrastructure meetup in our Paris office. We have a great line-up of talks from both our Criteo R&D Engineers and our guest speaker. Agenda: 18:00 – 19:00 : Welcome 19:00 – 21:00 : Meetup 21:00 - 22:00 : Networking Session Talks Line-up: #1: Jean Marie Verdun, CEO, Horizon Computing Solutions Corp Open hardware and datacenters: evolution, revolution or flop? During this talk, we will discuss the main technological evolutions of Open Compute, Open Power and RISC-V projects, most of focus on developments associated with data center applications. We will discuss the barriers to adoption that can make these projects flops, evolutions or revolutions. #2: Dan Forest-Barbier, Staff DevOps Engineer, Criteo SONiC at Criteo: we love hedgehogs, and you should too! We run data-center networks at scale, and this requires sourcing equipment from different brands. This equipment cannot run without the associated software: different for each brand, often proprietary, costly, quirky, possibly buggy, engineered to support a million features we do not use. Over the past year we worked on bring an Free and Open Source Software stack in to manage the bulk of this equipment; and we chose Microsoft Azure's SONiC project. We will provide some context to our adventures and go over the benefits in the first ~5min. The remaining ~15min. will be about the more meaty (or tofu-y) details of our experience. Finally, we will share our vision around alternative network software and hardware. #3: Alexandre Cortyl, Senior Data Analyst, Criteo & Pierre-Yves Verdon, Senior Hosting Engineer, Criteo Capacity planning at scale. In less than 10 years, Criteo's growth has translated into vertiginous changes: from 1 to 16 data centers, from 100 to 35,000 servers, from a few GBs to 5Tb / s on the WAN ... Predicting on this scale the needs of this platform which now displays more than 5 billion banners is a real challenge. This presentation will present our feedback on the capacity planning effort. Forecast traffic, load tests, budget management, purchases, projects ... Between infrastructure, purchasing, development, business intelligence and automation, capacity planning is the keystone of growth. See you around.


32 Rue Blanche · Paris

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