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Improving legacy code with DDD
Today programmers do not develop applications from scratch but they spends their time fixing, extending, modifying and enhancing existing applications. The biggest problem in their daily work is that with time maintenance mutates from structured programming to defensive programming: The code becomes too complex to be maintained. We put in code we know is stupid from an architectural point of view but it is the only solution that will hopefully work. Maintenance is more and more difficult and expensive. Our software accumulates technical debts. In this talk, I will show you how Domain-Driven Design can help you and your teams to avoid this apparently inevitable dead end. The concepts and solutions of DDD can be applied at the beginning of a project but it will also improve the situation in an ongoing project or during maintenance. -------------------- Carola Lilienthal is Managing Director at WPS - Workplace Solutions and loves to design good structured, long-living software systems. Since 2003, she and her teams are using DDD to achieve this goal. DDD and long-livingness of software architectures are the topic of many talks she has given on various conferences. In 2015, she condensed her experience in the book “Long-lived Software Architectures” (in German) and translated the book "Domain-Driven Design Distilled" by Vaughn Vernon into German in 2017.


38 rue du Sentier · Paris

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Ce groupe a pour but de réunir les gens intéressés par l'apprentissage et l'adoption de Domain Driven Design, de partager leur expérience, de discuter des problèmes de design rencontrés et de promouvoir la culture DDD dans les entreprises et leurs équipes. Joignez-nous pour discuter quels sont les avantages qu'offre DDD au métier des entreprises, comment construire une culture DDD et comment implémenter correctement Domain Driven Design.

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