À propos de ce groupe

The purpose of this group is to create a diverse international community interested in using data and technology to solve social and environmental challenges.

This group is therefore for anyone enthusiastic about using data and technology to make the world a better place. If you are a data analyst/scientist, designer, you work/volunteer in the charity sector or you are just excited to be part our work then join us now and be part of the community!

Our events provide an opportunity to: learn new data skills, improve your programming, obtain free help and guidance from data experts for your charity and become more aware of the ethical issues around data science and technology.

Les événements se dérouleront en partie en français et en anglais. Dans la mesure du possible, nous ferons de notre mieux pour accueillir les personnes parlant l'une des deux langues.

We also have a slack community you can join to take part in our discussions: http://bit.ly/2POWvxU (http://bit.ly/2NcPzaX)

For other questions: dataforgoodgr @ gmail . com

Twitter: @DataForGood_FR

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