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The Ethereum Blockchain Dev meetup group aims to help build a strong collaborative community of developers and entrepreneurs in Montreal. We focus on sharing knowledge and tools, building decentralized applications, and stimulating critical dialogue about the technology and its potential across multiple industries. At least once a month we’ll hold an event with speakers, demos, updates, and coding projects. Everyone is welcome, regardless of coding experience or skill level.

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Ethereum Montreal: Constantinople Hard Fork Explanation and Project Demos

Bonjour Ethereum Enthusiasts! I hope everyone had a wonderful holidays. Our next event will be on Tuesday January 29th at Notman House at 6pm. In this session Vincent will present a comprehensive account of the Constantinople hard fork and the reasons for its delay. We will also have several local projects present demos and updates on their current progress (list coming soon). Hope to see everyone there for our first event of 2019. Cheers, Ethan A special thanks to our sponsors: L4 and Real Ventures

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