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This is a meetup for all those radical babes* out there who love fashion and want to have fun, make friends, and be our selves. This is a body inclusive and body positive group with a special emphasis on the plus size community (though anyone of any size can join.)

Below are some ideas I have in mind:

-making body positive zines
-size inclusive clothing swaps
-pool parties
-all sizes fashion show
-picnics (because who doesn’t love wine and cheese?)
-thrifting outings
-flea market outings
-pot-luck style dinner parties
-photoshoot party
-craft day/diy
-attending any cool free events (art gallery openings, museums, farmers markets)
-dog events (in you have dogs and are into that)

I was inspired to start this meetup after going to the wonderful Essie Golden’s Golden Confidence Pool Party in Los Angeles. I realized that there are not enough plus-friendly events and I although there is a growing amount of body positivity and plus size fashion on the internet (especially Instagram) there needs to be more in real life. So why not start a group?

Please join and introduce yourself. Let me know what your ideas and interests are and we can begin!

-(meetup organizer) Vanessa Crawford

*Although this group in centered around women, people of all genders and gender expressions are welcome

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