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Forward and MINI Switzerland bring the Forward Session to Lausanne. This evening is all about “design as a research.” Three hand-picked experts discuss intersections and seperations between the two emerging fields.

Come and join us through a journey about architecture, design and creative diversity.

Our experts are:

Christophe Guberan . . .
is a formally trained architect and product designer based in Lausanne, Switzerland and the USA. He graduated from the ECAL and is the 2016 laureate of the Hublot Design Prize. As a product designer, he explores the possibilities of material interactions, digital manufacturing, self-assembly and variable aesthetics in his creations.

Sibylle Stoeckli . . .
leaves ECAL in 2004 with an Industrial Design Bachelor degree. After 10 years of navigation between her textile label “louise blanche” and her studio where she develops scenography, product and furniture design, she added to her daily activities “Research & Theory.”

Key Kawamura . . .
is architect by education and creative entrepreneur by miseducation. Together with his partners Ali, Alex and Pablo, and the rest of the Studio Banana team, he loves exploring the power of design as a tool for transformation.

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