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If you like walking, taking pictures and meeting new people, this group is for you! :)

This group will offer you the opportunity to join FREE PHOTOGRAPHY EVENTS with THEMES :)

A fantastic way to get out in the fresh air, do some exercise, discover or rediscover fascinating, beautiful, charming, original, exotic, touristic, non-touristic views, arrondissements, landmarks, bridges, parcs, gardens, sculptures, fountains, urban & street art… anything worth shooting in Paris :) We can/will also join free events occurring in our magnificent city :)

All the itineraries will be meticulously researched to optimize our walks, however please keep your mind open to some adventure :P

All skill levels are welcome :) All types of camera are allowed :) Reflex, hybrid, compact, iPhone/smartphones ...

Do not hesitate to come alone or with your friends. Everyone interested in joining any of the events is welcome :)

The most important about these events is to happily share a common passion, meet new people, make new friends and in the end spend a good day :D

So it’s simple : bring your camera, your cheerful mood and let’s spend a wonderful day together! :D

Friendly yours,

Smiling Marion :)

PS: I speak French and English and I plan on organizing FREE PHOTO WALKS at least twice a month (during the week-ends).

I look forward meeting you all soon :)

Feel free to also join the Facebook group:


Joining the Facebook group will offer you the opportunity to :
★ share your work accomplished during a FREE PHOTO WALK,
★ easily stay in contact with the other FREE PHOTO WALKERS,
★ and also be informed of FREE "BONS PLANS PHOTO" in Paris :)

FLASH INFO (July 2015) :
Free Photo Walks is proud to announce that we will be 2 organizers this summer! Indeed, this summer, Sophie (a regular and friendly Free Photo Walker) is available to happily organize extra Free Photo Walks during the week-ends and on week-days :) Sophie speaks English and German and she is a skilled hobby photographer with already plenty of photo walk ideas! In advance, thank you Sophie for your time and input :) I hope you will enjoy organizing and I hope you all will enjoy her walks :)

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