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[16.10.18] Valais Game Dev Meetup #1
[Version française plus bas] Meeting for the Valais’ people and surroundings (though everyone is welcome). This first meeting aims at creating links between artists and devs from the region. We will define the scopes of the coming events based on the interest of the group. The Agenda of the Day is a Roundtable about Tips & Tricks for becoming an Indie in the Swiss jungle microcosm. Who should join ? Anyone who is interested in crafting video games (music composers - 2d/3d artists – Devs – Publishers – Designers …). Agenda Introduction of participants Open discussion about becoming an Indie in Switzerland Best practices Dos and Don’t The 1001 tasks Tools Discussion about future meetings and their content (open to all Indies) Fill or have a look at this Poll ( Thanks for ordering some beverage as a sign of respect for the café’s owner. [Version FR] Meeting pour les valaisans et voisins (tout le monde est le bienvenu). Ce premier rendez-vous vise à créer des liens entre artistes et développeurs de la région. Nous définirons les enjeux des prochaines réunions en fonctions des intérêts des participants. Au programme, une Table Ronde sur les astuces pour devenir un Indie dans le microcosme de la jungle Suisse. Ouvert à qui ? A toute personne intéressée à concevoir des jeux vidéo (musiciens – artistes 2d/3d – Developpeurs – Publishers – Designers…). Au menu Présentation des participants Discussion ouverte sur « comment devenir un Indie suisse » Meilleures façons d’y parvenir Ce qu’il faut faire, ou pas… Les 1001 tâches Les outils Discussion à propos des prochains meetings et de leur contenu (ouvert à tous les Indies) Complétez ou allez voir ce Poll ( Merci de consommer des boissons pour remercier la tenancière pour son accueil.

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rue Bourg-Aux-Favres 4 · Monthey

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    Meetup purpose

    This is a group for people interested in game development. We will discuss topics, such as: game design, technologies, market trends and issues facing the industry in Switzerland, but more importantly, this group is about you and your creations!

    Who should join?

    Every person involved in the game scene or wanting to be part of it is welcome: artists, designers, programmers, producers, betatesters, journalists or members of any other profession related to game development can join.


    This is an excellent place to meet great people and start or expand your network in the Swiss game industry!

    Please note that the official language for the group is English, but if everybody understand French well enough, we will use it during the meetings.

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