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De quoi s'agit-il

This is a group for anyone interested in social running, jogging or walking. We meet every Wednesday evening somewhere in the Geneva region (canton of Geneva or neighboring Vaud or France). We run/jog/walk for about an hour, ending up with drinks and then go on for a meal. All skill levels are welcome.

Normal cost for the run is 5 CHF paid on arrival to cover beer, snacks, etc. (cheaper than a beer at the pub!). If you go to the "On On" (meal afterwards), it's usually 15 CHF if it's at someone's house (great value for a home-cooked meal) or whatever it costs at a restaurant (hares are encouraged to find restaurants where the food cost is no more than 20 CHF, but that's quite difficult to manage in most places).

In order to attend the On-On (meal afterwards), you’ll need to register for the event. Registrations are on a 'first come, first served' basis. Please remember that a registration should be a solid commitment to turn up at the On-On, rather than mere impulse, where a last minute cancellation could be preventing someone else from attending the On-On.

For responsible participation, it is strongly recommended and advised that attendees have their own private RC "Responsabilité civile" cover, civil liability insurance, before participating in our events.