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Our meetup group consists of people coming from companies, PhD/Master students. We are interested in having a community of data-scientists in Grenoble so as to learn and work on interesting projects.

Why is it interesting? Well, do you know:
-- Given the data about passengers, the computer algorithms are able to predict if a passenger would have survived Titanic crash with 99% accuracy.
-- soon your car insurance costs would be computed automatically with your past history of driving.
-- the movie suggestions on Netflix are all personalized for you based on your past ratings.
-- When you apply for a loan, the algorithms in bank give you a credit rating, depending upon your past account history.
-- GPS navigator analyzes the driving routes of humans, in order to generate time saving "human-like" suggestions for routes.

So if you are fascinated by data-science, machine learning, data-visualizations or maths, feel free to drop by for the next meet-up. Even if you have no idea about the topics, but you have desire to learn, do drop by!

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Results of 4 AI Excellence Projects funded by Neovision

Cowork In Grenoble

Hello, For our last meetup in 2019 we propose to present the results of an initiative created and carried out by Neovision: The AI Excellence Scholarship. Neovision funded four research internships in local laboratories specialized in artificial intelligence. We offer you to attend the English-speaking presentation of research works led by the four students selected and ask them your questions : Improving Action Recognition Through Key-Frame Selection (Juan Vazquez & James Crowley, INRIA) The effect of dependence in selecting smoothing parameters in a non-parametric regression model (Suraj Ghimire & Sana Louhichi, LJK) Does multistable perception needs intelligence? (José Lucas Araújo dos Santos & Ronald Phlypo, Gipsa Lab) Efficient optimization algorithms for time warp invariant sparse coding and dictionary learning for temporal data (Hlib Tsyntseus & Anatoli Iouditski, LJK)

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Parallelized predictions with Dask distributed

Cowork In Grenoble

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