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From a physical standpoint, yoga can be therapeutic, toning, energizing, purifying. I hope you’ll leave these classes feeling all of those things! My courses are for everyone. We can all benefit from yoga, no matter what level we are at, and with a small number of students, I can devote time to each one of you, providing modifications tailored for you. This is a space where everyone can feel comfortable!

In my classes I focus on breathing, alignment, mindfulness, and respecting the bio-individuality of our unique bodies. Class is held in English, but I speak French fluently.

I currently offer 1 public class per week at my home studio near the Mairie du 19e and am also available for private sessions, as well as corporate classes.

The group class is generally held on Sunday night. See "upcoming meetups" for schedule and to sign up.

The style I offer is a blend of the following:


Balance is an important aim of Hatha yoga. “Ha” is the Sanskrit word for “right” and “tha” means “left.” This traditional style of yoga involves a series of poses, each held for several breaths, allowing us to dive deeper into our awareness of each posture, correct our alignment, and ultimately, to reach a greater sense of mind/body harmony through physical effort. Simple pranayamas (breathing exercises) will be performed to help quiet the mind and turn inward.


Chinese-influenced, using postures to affect our meridians, Yin yoga is gaining popularity in the West as a much-needed antidote to our busy lifestyles. With passive, long-hold poses, mostly on the mat, it targets the connective tissues and fascia and is a great tool for preparing the body to sit still in meditation. With age, flexibility in the joints decreases (sacrum, hips, spine) and Yin is a wonderful remedy for that. It will relax your body, focus your mind, and even improve your flexibility and performance in your “yang”-like physical activities.

Poses are held between 2 to 5 minutes, the time for the muscles to relax and let go, allowing us deeper access to the more fragile parts of our body (fascia, tendons, connective tissue, bones). Class will be followed by a soothing, homemade herbal tea.


Space is limited, please reserve ahead of time to ensure a spot.
Contact me directly at efourmont AT or via meetup.
Please arrive 5-10 minutes before class to settle in.


Trial class: 10 euros

1 class: 13 euros

10 class pass (valid 3 months): 110 euros

Mats are provided.


I turned to yoga and meditation after being hospitalized for bacterial meningitis in 2016. In Rishikesh, India, I studied yoga in a classical ashram setting, learning about the philosophy of yoga, the discipline of meditation, and the science of Ayurveda. In Goa, India, I received my yoga teacher certification at a contemporary multi-style school.

Franco-American, I grew up in the US, and Paris has been my home for the last 14 years.


Instagram: @elisabeth_fourmont_yoga

email: efourmont AT

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