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This is a hiking, biking and general outdoor adventure group! Based out of Lausanne but members stretch from Geneva to Fribourg, Bern, and even Zurich. I'd like to organize hikes in different areas and perhaps even venture to France and Italy if there's interest during the warmer months for longer hikes on weekends. This is only the beginning!

We're looking for group leaders that can help organizing in the different types of events (hiking, cycling, VTT, happy hours, etc). Especially since in general hiking, biking, and running can mean different things to different people. Some may prefer a leisurely stroll down a shady path for a mile or two, while others prefer a moderate paced journey up to the top of a peak. In general, the difficulty of the trip will depend on the length of the trip, the pace, and the elevation. In general, the more difficult the adventure, the happier I am. (Thus why we should probably get some other people planning events! ;) For me the fun is not only in meeting new people and exploring new regions, but also in the dreaming, planning, and preparing for the journey. I hope you all will get equally as involved and try to get others interested that are fun, easy-going, and love to be outdoors!

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A weekend in Jura


We start the hike in Croy-Romainmôtier at 10:33. On Sunday, we finish at St-Cerque; plan to be back in Lausanne by 18:30 on Sunday. We walk along the Jura ridge with panoramas to the Alps and down to Lac Leman. The hike is moderate and will proceed with normal pace and sufficient to generous breaks, especially if the weather allows. Still, you need to be at least in a reasonably good shape. About 6-7 hours of hiking time per day, breaks included. T2 trails. On Saturday, we summit the highest peak of the Swiss Jura, Mont Tendre (1679). We stay at Cabane du Cunay (http://www.cas-valdejoux.ch/index.php/cabane-et-refuge/joomla-fr/cabane-du-cunay/78-cabane/72-refuge-du-cunay). The costs are listed on the webpage, 20 chf for non-members. You need to be comfortable sleeping in a typical large room in a hut. There is no food offered for dinner or breakfast, bring your own and be ready to share. There is a kitchen that we could use and we can bring appropriate food accordingly. Water and alcoholic drinks can be purchased at the hut (water bottles of 1.5l are 7 chf). There is also water that can be boiled for cooking or drinking. The hut is "simple" (read "cozy"). Important: to RSVP for the event, you need to send me a pm right as you sign up (either on the "going" or the "waiting" list), asking me for my bank details so you can make a transfer of 20 chf. Once I reply, you need to make the payment within two days. You are not confirmed for the hike until you've made the payment. Do not just click "RSVP" without having sent the message. Bring proper mountain hiking boots, layers of clothes, sun and rain protection, enough water, and picnic for lunch for Saturday and Sunday, in addition to food for dinner and breakfast. Trekking poles are recommended. As always, put a winter hat and light gloves in the backpack. Take a sleeping inlet for the hut (there are blankets). In case of bad weather, the hike will still take place, but may be modified or its direction can be reversed. Watch out for updates the week before the event before you buy your train tickets. Disclaimer: The organizer is not responsible in any way for anything that can happen during the hike. Everyone joins on their own judgement and responsibility. This is not a guided tour. Note: The event has been announced in multiple groups and so there will be participants from other meetup groups. Expect a total of around 15 people.

Haute route, 6 days, Valais, switzerland
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I would like to organize a Haute Route, 6 days trip in the swiss mountains, Valais. I am thinking about Chamonix - Zermatt, a mythic hiking. Anyone interested in joining a group? Would be in August. We need a minimum of 4 people to make it happen. Price around 1400 chf, all inclusive, with of course the guide.

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