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This group is meant for international or international minded students (and others) around the Lausanne area. Please feel free to join the meetup trips if you like to meet new people and do outdoor activities together. We organize hiking trips, via ferrata, canyoning, bouldering, or ski trips. Also please feel free to suggest any other ideas if you have a great idea for any kind of an outdoor activity :)

WHATSAPP: We also have a Whatsapp group dedicated to organizing trips so please contact one of the group admins to get yourselfs added. (Sorry, we had to remove the self add link, due to repetitive spamming)

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Pointe des Martinets

Les Plans-sur-Bex

Gorges of the Orbe - hike

Gare de Vallorbe

Noordic Skiing at Col des Mosses

Hefti Sports Col des Mosses

Winter Hike

Col du Marchairuz

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