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Reinventing democracy in the age of intelligent machines

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Reinventing democracy in the age of intelligent machines


Around the world, liberal democracies are in crisis. Citizens have lost faith in their government. At the same time, economic inequality is increasing dramatically; digital technologies have created a new class of super-rich entrepreneurs. Automation threatens to transform the free economy into a zero-sum game in which capital wins and labour loses. But is this digital dystopia inevitable?

In his new book "Cyber Republic", technology and management expert George Zarkadakis presents an alternative. Presented as a guide to the coming Fourth Industrial Revolution and the post-pandemic world, the book outlines a plan for using technology to make liberal democracies more inclusive and the digital economy more equitable.

George will be sharing his ideas in conversation with London Futurists on Saturday 5th December.


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Selected praise for "Cyber Republic: Reinventing democracy in the age of intelligent machines"

"A worthy study in politics, technology, and the possibilities of remaking democracy in order to save it." - Kirkus Reviews

"There is a 'demand pull' to reinvent democracy, amid the current
crisis and the new requirements for government. As George persuasively
points out, there is also a 'technology push' coming from the second era
of the digital age - the age of intelligent machines. It’s my hope that many will read the book and that it will help us to catalyze a global discussion. Read on, debate, and take action!" - Don Tapscott, Adjunct Professor at INSEAD


George Zarkadakis leads the Future of Work consulting practice at Willis Towers Watson, a global risk management consulting firm. He has written extensively on science and technology for publications such as Aeon and Wired. His previous books include "In Our Own Image: Saviour or Destroyer? The History and Future of Artificial Intelligence".

George is also Senior Fellow at Atlantic Council, where he focuses on the impact of Artificial Intelligence on society and democracy. For more biographical information see


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