How Machine Learning Is Used In the New Age of QA Automation Tools

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ML or artificial intelligence (AI) tools are the hottest topics right now in the testing industry. However, QA managers and manual testers have little to no knowledge of it. Thus, our codeless automation expert at TestCraft will go into the aspects of ML functionality and explain the importance of ML in testing and how it is being applied – with real examples, statistics, and applications.

For all those planning to attend the event, please fill out our 2-minute survey ( for a chance to win a prize at the event!

The presentation will cover:
- Digital transformation
- Selenium challenges
- Live examples
- What is machine learning
- How to leverage machine learning
- Is it really working? Supported by the statistics behind a successful ml algorithm
- End with a Q&A session and survey results

Merav Zaks, automation enthusiast at TestCraft

Merav is an entrepreneur and a business strategist. She was TestCraft's first hire in order to analyze the software testing market and lead the business strategy accordingly.
Since then Merav has managed to build a flourishing QA community with over 16K members and mapped the testing market. She also has become proficient in existing solutions, challenges, and trends while sharing this knowledge with the growing audience.

Thanks to JobTeaser to host this event :)