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Over the course of four intensive weekends, timed to coincide with the cross quarter days recognized in many cultures, participants will receive teachings and experience ceremonies that will explore the four aspects of the shamanic medicine wheel. In addition, a rotating monthly cycle of shamanic gatherings (Fire Ceremonies, Healing Circles & Shamanic Journeys), as well as one on one mentorship with the instructors, will provide continuity between intensives. This training program is designed to produce significant changes in the lives of its participants. They should expect to be challenged, and to undergo profound personal transformation over the course of the ten month program. Upon completion, the participant will have a basic knowledge of shamanism and its precepts, and have gained experience doing the inner and outer work of this path. For more information please email: brian@neolyth.com

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Introduction to Tarot Course By Christian Benjamin

What is Tarot? Are tarot cards “bad”? How can I use tarot cards? Price of admission: $20. Location: Neolyth Address: 39 Glenridge Ave, Montclair, NJ 07042 I plan to help you understand the difference between the Major and Minor arcana, the role of the court cards, how to phrase questions, sample spreads, and the use of tarot in daily life. If you own a tarot deck you are welcome to bring it with you. The structure of the class with be a theory lesson, then an hour practice interpreting card meanings and spreads. Come with an open mind and prepare to unlock your intuitive abilities while having fun!

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Shamanic Journey Night with Marie Saint-Victor

Marie Saint-Victor Modern day Shaman Energy Worker Priestess What I want to provide attendees during a Shamanic Journey experience is the possibility of accessing and exploring the Spirit World and it’s offerings. We will begin by invoking and connecting to the Elemental Beings . Expect to gain deep relaxation via breath work , meditation , affirmations , prayer, setting intentions and gentle drumming . My practice involves and is committed to invoking loving and protective Spirits . When we call them they will come with a willingness to provide us guidance , clarity , peace , belonging and support . My only request is that participants bring an open heart and willing mind . *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Admittance $10

Wednesday's Healing Escape


Weekly Wednesday Healing Escape Come experience a unique self care ritual that’s designed to soothe mind/body/soul. Good people, good vibes and good medicine using smudging, acupuncture, crystals, oracle cards, sound healing and meditation; designed to improve energy, immunity, mood, sleep and clarity while reducing pain, anxiety, depression and stress. Come enjoy the opportunity to meet and share with like minded people looking to show up with strength and purpose in their lives. Please arrive promptly as the door will be locked at 7:15pm to minimize distractions for meditation. Space is limited to first 12 people. Zelene Quiles, licensed acupuncturist of Key Elements Acupuncture, has been practicing for 13 years. Since present day culture automatically promotes stress, anxiety and illness, she is passionate about educating people on how ancient methods of medicine can promote the body to heal and correct itself back to optimal health. Any questions email [masked] or visit www.KeyElementPoints.com. Hope to see you there! Every Wednesday 7pm-8pm $15 cash Neolyth 39 Glenridge Avenue Montclair, NJ 07042

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