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Utilisateurs, dévelopeurs & ingénieurs de systèmes, joignez vous à notre dynamique communauté d'utilisateurs d' Amazon Web Services. Echangez, partagez and apprenez sur les services AWS et la meilleurs façon de les utiliser.
Les meetups prennent places tous les deux mois, et y sont invités divers présentateurs avec une expérience pratique de AWS incluant les technologies de l'écosystème AWS.
Due à la croissance rapide qu' a connu AWS au sein des dévelopeurs, les compagnies nouvelles et les entreprises à traver le Canada, AWS est devenue une platform importante. Dans le but de donner plus de pouvoir à nos utilisateurs, nous sommes en train d'établir les communautés Canadiennes à Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Ottawa, Montréal & Waterloo


Users, developers & system engineers, come join a growing and dynamic community of Amazon Web Services (AWS) users. Interact with others to answer questions, share ideas, and learn about AWS' services and best practices.

Meetups are usually held every two months featuring speakers with hands on AWS experience and including technology in the AWS ecosystem.

With the rapid growth of AWS among individual developers, start-ups, and enterprises across Canada it has become a powerful platform. To empower AWS Users we are building the Canadian community with Meetups in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal & Waterloo.

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Building a multi-tenant solution on Amazon's hosted Kubernetes Platform (EKS)

Hi All! For our June 2019 AWS Users Group Meetup, Ian Crosby, Managing Director at Container Solutions, presents "Building a multi-tenant solution on Amazon's hosted Kubernetes Platform (EKS)." Be sure to RSVP and we hope to see you there! _____________________ Presentation Title: Building a multi-tenant solution on Amazon's hosted Kubernetes Platform (EKS) Presentation Summary: Amazon's new managed Kubernetes service (EKS) allows AWS users to take advantage of Kubernetes without managing your own cluster. I was recently involved in an interesting project to migrate an existing system from Amazon's ECS to EKS. This talk will cover the details of what the migration entailed. We'll look at the benefits that we received from Kubernetes including how it helped reduce the monthly bill. I will also talk about some of the challenges, such as how to maintain security and reduce risk with a multi-tenant setup, leveraging Kubernetes features such as namespaces, network policies and resource limits. Presenter Bio: Ian Crosby is a long time software engineer, with a passion for improving how software is developed. He has worked across a wide variety of industries and technologies, from writing machine code for military defense systems to modern cloud applications. As Managing Director at Container Solutions he works with companies across many domains as they make the move to Cloud Native. His work spans application design, build pipelines, and cloud infrastructure, with a heavy focus on containers, orchestration, and other Cloud Native tools.

LAMP Stack Evolution: From Traditional Design to Serverless with AWS AppSync

It's time to put your Cloud Architect hats on and get to the real design task at hand, our customer is waiting! In this interactive session we have a set of requirements and need to come up with a solution that meets our customers needs all while optimizing cost and using cutting edge services released by AWS in the last 2 years. Traditional 3 tiers architecture endured through years and still holds it's appeal. Given all the variety of services and approaches, should our websites still run on EC2? Can we do better cost-wise with serverless approach without compromising other pillars of well architected framework? You will have a chance to criticize and improve the proposed solutions and to apply your AWS design skills to the domain of cloud native application design. Agenda: 6:00pm - Arrival, mingling, pizza eating 6:20pm - Welcome & Introductions 6:30pm - Presentation Begins 7:20pm - Q&A and Open Group Discussions 8:00pm - Event concludes Talk Title: LAMP stack evolution: From Traditional Design to Serverless with AWS AppSync Presented by: Irina Geiman, Lead Solutions Architect, Onica

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