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Torn Curtain VOSTF (1966)
Torn Curtain is a political thriller film starring Paul Newman and Julie Andrews. Written by Brian Moore, the film is set in the Cold War. It is about an American scientist who pretends to defect behind the Iron Curtain to East Germany as part of a clandestine mission to obtain the solution of a formula and escape back to the United States. Bring 8 euros and mark yourself for one item from this spreadsheet: . 8 euros covers our "rent" in the space and dues for the meetup. For more about dues, click here ( We usually eat and socialize between 19h30-20h30, then start our film at 20h30, while staying for more eating and discussion after the film. To see a list of all the work of Hitchcock we have seen, click here:

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We have a simple and straightforward goal: to watch all of Hitchcock's American made films, starting with the 39 Steps and ending with Family Plot - but we will watch some of his older British films too as well as the occasional episodes of Alfred Hitchcock Presents. We have many of these films in restored blu-ray format in VOSTF. Meet, eat and drink, watch the film, and have some discussion after. We have to pay to rent the venue we watch the films in so the charge covers the rental as well as dues.

To see what films we have already seen, click here (

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