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We organize day hikes, half-day bike rides or afternoon walks.

Mostly based around 2 activities : hiking or cycling (& in this case : moderate level Mountain Bike in nature, not road cycling).

Come out with us to discover (together with locals and internationals) the interesting landscapes of the greater Paris' area called Ile-de-France.

We are mostly using public transports & our events start from locations easy to reach using suburban trains.

Let’s exercise while having fun and meeting others …

Anyone is welcome to bring along some food or a drink to share (no obligation though).

Level for hikes (easy/moderate/hard) : 15k to 26 km day or afternoon hikes (average speed : 4,5 km / hour or faster - depending on the pace of the hike leader).

For Mountain bike outings, it will never be above level moderate (as there are specific Meet'up groups for triathletes or road cyclists).

Events will not often be cancelled due to the weather, as even if it is sometimes raining for a short time or not too warm during the day, it's just so good for health (incl. the immune system) to be exercising in the outdoors for a couple of hours ... among other benefits of hiking & relaxed cycling.

Looking forward to sharing the joy of outdoor activities with you,

nous espérons vous retrouver très bientôt sur les chemins d'Ile-de France,

Chris and the group's hike leaders.

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