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Have you longed to develop your intuition so that you can better understand the universe and yourself? Would you like to use your intuition to help others?

In September 2017, this English-speaking psychic development circle was started.

The intention of this circle is to develop intuition and increase empathy so that you can find helpful information and inspiration for yourself and your loved ones through the tarot cards, psychometry, ribbons, flowers, art, writing, and more. There is no requirement for the level of experience. If there are enough interested people, then I will split up the group by level of experience.

This is a personal development group, in which the primary language of communication is English. [i]We will not be "reading fortunes". We will not give legal or medical advice to anyone.[/i]

Whether you work or want to work with angels, ancestors, fairies, celestial beings, or your higher self, you are welcome to join this friendly, agnostic, and non-judgmental circle.

There would be approximately 2 hours of development work, that engages your intuition, imagination and creativity.

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