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If you like to cook and meet new people, and are willing to host a dinner at your place every once in a while, this group is for you !

The idea is that every member, at least once every 3 months, will organise a dinner (or brunch/lunch) at his/her place (or a friend's place) for 5-10 people ("too many cooks spoil the broth").

The organiser :

- provides the kitchen, the dining room and all the necessary kitchenware and tableware, and the basic seasoning (salt, pepper, oil, etc).

- selects a menu for the event,

- and divides up the required food and drinks in a number of baskets corresponding to the number of guests (eg: basket #1 vegetables ; basket #2 wine ; basket #3 bread and cheese ; ...)

Each guests picks one basket (the first to join are the first to choose their basket) and brings the food/drink corresponding to their basket. If you've brought too much, you can bring your extras back home.

Everyone then cooks together under the host's supervision ("my kitchen, my rules"). We generally have have an aperitif/cocktail whilst cooking to make it more fun !

Last but not least, everyone contributes to cleaning up at the end ! If there are any leftovers, they are evenly shared and everyone gets to take a doggy bag home :)

Here are some basic tips and guidelines:

- if you want to join us but for practical reasons cannot host dinners/lunches at your place, then please be creative and find some nice place where we can cook and eat together ! The idea is that we all contribute, even in terms of organizing events once in while (at least once every 3 months) !

- bear in mind that these dinners will take place at someone's home, so please use your real name and picture in your profile. If you do, you will have priority in case there is a waiting list. If you don't you maybe refused.

- if an event is oversubscribed, priority will go : first (i) to members who already hosted events, then (ii) to new members who have never been as guest to an event, (iii) to members who already joined as guests but have not yet hosted, (iv) to members who already joined as guests but have not yet hosted even after the 3 months period and finally (v) people who didn't properly fill in their profile.

- because of this priority system, and if necessary to balance genders, event organizers may switch people between participant list and waiting list. So don't feel afraid to book an event that is already full. Also, please don't feel upset if someone takes precedence over you.

- although we need a few basic rules to make these events work, don't forget to keep this simple and fun ! It's not a gourmet event or a cooking competition.

- for more tips and guidelines, see our dedicated page in the "Pages" section above.

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