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10. Women in Machine Learning & Data Science in Paris
The Women in Machine Learning & Data Science (WiMLDS) Meetup aims to inspire and educate, regardless of gender, and support women in the field. We are back for our 10th edition! --- Agenda 19:00 – Introduction by Leboncoin & the Paris WiMLDS team --- 19:25 – “Applied Machine Learning in Finance: Estimating Missing Bid-Ask Spreads and Detecting Anomalies” by Elise Tellier, Data Scientist & Marine Michaut, Software Engineer at Capital Fund Management (CFM) Abstract: The history of the bid-ask spread of various stocks is important for devising advanced investment strategies. This history can be incomplete, missing, or contain errors, for some stocks. We present how missing values can be imputed in a robust way, and how anomalies can concretely be detected in the context of such financial time series. 19:45 – “Statistical Physics Studies of Machine Learning Problems" by Lenka Zdeborova, Researcher @CNRS Abstract : We will talk about some insight of the following questions: What makes problems studied in machine and statistical physics related? How can this relation be used to understand better the performance and limitations of machine learning systems? What happens when a phase transition is found in a computational problem? How do phase transitions influence algorithmic hardness? --- 20:10 – "How Does One Become a Tech Journalist?" by Lucie Ronfaut, Tech Journalist @FigaroTech Abstract : How does one become a journalist? How does a newsroom work? How can someone who doesn't code write articles about tech companies? Lucie Ronfaut will talk about the clichés and truths of being a very-much tech driven journalist in 2018, and how tech stories always have a human side, starting with "la Menstrutech", one of her favorite topics. --- 20:45 – Networking / Cocktail During the event, you can share content using #WiMLDSParis & @WiMLDS_Paris After the meet-up, all the slides will be available on our Medium page : --- Host information : The room can welcome 100 people. Twitter -


85 rue du Faubourg St Martin · Paris

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