Paris API #27 @Algolia


Howdy, hackers!

Next ParisAPI will happen on the 24th of May and will behosted by Algolia (, the hosted Search API that delivers instant and relevant results from the first keystroke. A huge thank to them as they are also offering us the buffet!

⚠️ Please note that the entrance is at the corner of rue Pernelle and rue St-Martin.

“Betting Against Your Own Startup: Pascal’s Wager & The Cost of Security” – Don Goodman-Wilson

Early stage startups often justify not investing in security because the likelihood of getting hacked is so ridiculously low that the risk can be safely ignored.

I think this is a terrible argument. I want to convince you that security is an existential concern for your startup.
I will use philosophy to convince you that I am right. And then I will use philosophy to justify talking about a new super-secret product we are working on at Sqreen that can help protect your APIs, webapps, and other lovely things that run over HTTP. And, if we have time, we might do a little analytical intuition-polling, and some decision theory too. What the hell.

I'm very thrilled to announce you that Don (, former developer advocate at Slack ( and now working at Sqreen (, has accepted to be our first speaker. He's got plenty of knowledge to share with us and I count on you to ask him a lot of questions :)

“Super-Powers with APIs” – Tim Carry

As developers, APIs are like super powers. We can do incredible things with them, from getting a whole bunch of different datasets and merging them, up to building the UI to explore the dataset. Most of the APIs available also provides a free tier that lets you build complete projects for free.
In this talk, I’ll explain my journey into getting the list of all ~2000 Marvel Super-Heroes and building a UI to make searching through them easy. I’ll guide you through some of the best APIs I’ve encountered, and also some of the worst, with a detour through the land of web scraping.
We’ll see how it is possible to create, deploy and run a whole project for free, using only public dataset, free APIs and Open-Source apps.

Tim ( is developer advocate at Algolia. Front-end expert, also co-organizer of the Human Talks ( and TechLunch ( Have look to these meetups as they've always got very interesting talks!

As we co-organize Best Of Web 2017 (, the 8th and 9th of June, we have some free tickets to make you win 🎟️. This meetup, we will run a raffle for the fifth and last one, so be sure to be present!