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Hey API-ers,

I hope you enjoyed the Summer - if we may call the past months "Summer" in Paris? - and now feel full of energy to go back on track! With the summer reaching an end, it's time to open the new Paris API season, and frankly, I'm quite excited about the year to come.

First of all, Don, leading developers relations at Sqreen (https://sqreen.io), a SaaS startup protecting all your applications from security issues, and Shubham, that a lot of you already know for sure (former Developer Evangelist at Mailjet), now leading growth at Keymetrics (https://keymetrics.io), the cloud platform for the highly popular PM2, are joining us as co-organisers. Thanks a lot to them for having accepted to take part of this journey.

With the meetup and the organisation team growing, we think it's the right time to open a dedicated Twitter account. Thanks to Don it's already up and running at https://twitter.com/Paris_API.
Not only you'll find there all the meetup announcements, live tweet sessions during the meetups but API content we enjoyed. We would love this to become a community place, by also sharing content your enjoyed. Also, we're looking for inspiration and proper design skills - let's be honest, we're developers, not designers - to help us craft the meetup logo.

Enough blabla! The next meetup will take place on September 27th. Keymetrics (https://keymetrics.io/) is kindly hosting us in their brand new offices for this first meetup of the year.

The first speaker is Kévin Dunglas (https://twitter.com/dunglas), the creator of the ApiPlatform (https://api-platform.com/) framework. Kévin will present how it helps to solve the challenges to develop a modern API.

The second speaker is Antoine aka Soyuka. Antoine will share his experience on how he managed to import old legacy data in a modern API using Node.js and ApiPlatform.

We're really looking forward for the next season and more immediately the September meetup to see you all back in person.