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This meetup is for people who want to play board games in English in Toulouse. The intent is both to have fun and to provide an occasion to practice English. Native speakers are also welcome, of course.
If you previously thought you would attend a session but changed your mind, it's okay, but please change your status on the session's invitation list accordingly as soon as possible: spots are limited and you might be needlessly preventing others from attending. You will be considered as a no-show if you cancel less than three hours before the start of the Meetup. 
Players are not expected to be familiar with the game being played. The rules are explained at the start of the session. I try to provide handouts with a summary of the rules, but there isn't one for each game, yet.
Due to the nature of the games we play, being able to hold a conversation in English is a de facto requirement (level B2 and above). Furthermore, this is not a language exchange group: the sessions are in English only, for full immersion.
We usually play on Sundays.
The sessions take place at Blastodice.
Penalties for no-shows are as follow: if you've never actually attended any session, first no-show will get you kicked out the group, second one will get you banned. If you've already attended, three no-shows will get you banned. Attending twice cancels out a no-show. I think people on the waiting list are automatically added as "going" when a spot is freed. This could cause some issues (considering you might not be made aware of the change right away), so people that left the waiting list less than twenty-four hours before the start of the meetup are not penalized.
The complete collection of games I own can be consulted on Board Game Geek. Feel free to indicate what games you'd like to play in a future session.

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Social Games at the Halle de la Machine

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I'll bring Personality, Condottiere, and Nouvelles ContRées (the instructions are in French but the game like the rest will be played in English).

The minotaur will probably be walking by as we play on a grassy area shaded by a tree.

I'll have a grey picnic blanket and board games out. The spot is behind and kitty corner from the Halle de la Machine (opposite side of the building from the main entrance). It's a patch of grass between the Halle and L'Envol des Pionniers. If you see rollerbladers/skaters you'll be in the right area. Check the map pin below for a visual.

There will also be food stalls and toilets just in case.

Also for anyone with endurance there will be some music at the Halle at 8pm:

Rising Sun

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We'll play a game of Rising Sun (https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/205896/rising-sun), with all the expansions.

Quitting mid-game ruins the game for all the other players and will be counted as being a no-show. Out of respect for everybody else, please have a look at what the game is about (no need to learn the rules, just watch or read a few reviews) and be aware of the length of the session.

Game complexity: Advanced. Has fairly high amount of rules, the understanding of which is important as it requires strategic planning, and you have to be wary of what your opponents are doing, as they may otherwise become difficult to stop. All players follow roughly the same rules, which does help understanding (the only exception being their unique clan's ability). This is the second most complex game we play. It's also one of the best, in my opinion.

As usual, all the rules will be explained at the start of the session. We welcome new players. Any actions performed by mistake can simply be reverted, unless it led to something being revealed by another player.

House-rules for Rising Sun:

  • Less experienced players choose their clan first.
  • The Fox Clan is replaced by a fan-made clan (pay coins to get ally advantage on mandates).
  • Ryujin ("Buy a Seasonal Card") is removed from the pool of possible Kamis.

Weekend session warnings:

  • The bar opens at 3PM.
  • The bar does not serve food before 6:30PM.

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