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"A single interface for different types". Polymorphic strives to become THE community for an open-minded software engineer.

• Tired of 2h meetups that teach you nothing? We are too.

• Tired of bad presentations that only confuse you? We are too.

• We won't make you suffer through listening to a Redux library clone presentation or why someone loves Angular and its API.

This community is created by developers for developers.

Like the idea? Join the community on Slack and let's grow together: 🚀



At Polymorphic we want to communicate the importance of seeing the bigger picture, of relationships inside and outside the company, encouraging people by telling failure stories and how people like you solve complex problems, find witty solutions and more.
We plan to create:
• Hackathons
• Meetups
• Casual gatherings
• Workshops
• Community channel
and more...

Want to help out? Please, get in touch with the organisers or send an email to rolandjegorov@gmail.com

We'd love to hear you speak! ❤️
We have 2 types of talks you can propose:
—— Lightning talk - 5-10min ⚡️
—— Full talk - 25-30min 🚀
Propose your talk here - https://goo.gl/forms/ZajjAzQt6Bi3yiQE2

Twitter - https://twitter.com/Polymorphictech

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