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We think that PostgreSQL is the coolest database, and not only in the Open
Source world.

The goal of this group is to bring together people working with PostgreSQL
in Belgium. We welcome users, DBAs, developers, consultants, students and
academics interested in databases.

We want to meet regularly to exchange experiences and ideas. The format of
the meetup will be adapted to interest of the participants.

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PostgreSQL for Real - Used in a Bank

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Those who know PostgreSQL want to use it in almost any project. But there are still people who is not quite sure about using open source in their business (even in 2019, and despite the success of Linux). In this meetup we will discuss a real use case of PostgreSQL in a bank. If you are considering using PostgreSQL for your real case, come and meet us. If you are already know PostgreSQL and want to know more about it, we will learn about CTEs, and how to compile and test PostgreSQL 12 beta. We are very pleased to run this meetup at the offices of KBC in Leuven. Timeline to be submitted soon. "PostgreSQL at KBC - It really runs in a bank" Piet Jacobs and Robin Peiremans "CTE - Common Table Expressions - What are those" Robert Ivens "Compiling and Testing PostgreSQL 12" PG User Group BE Please contact me if you want to present something.

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