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Love to play or want to learn to play the ukulele at the south Jersey shore? This is the group for you. We will be playing and singing at regularly scheduled meet-ups (get togethers) at the Grass Roots Music Store in Ocean City, where ukuleles, supplies and even lessons are available. Music will be posted prior to the meetings. We'll play all genre of music, and all level of experience is welcome. In addition to group play we'll have open mike sessions and as we progress, develop opportunities to play for outside community organizations.
This is going to be a fun, welcoming and encouraging group who love music and the uke, so join us and come see for yourself!!!

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Concert at the Shores ( Methodist Senior Living in Ocean City NJ)

The Grass Roots Orchestra, will be making two presentations, the first at 2:00:PM at a special Birthday Celebration. This segment will begin with a Piano led sing along of Happy Birthday. Harriet Bailey, the pianist , is a long term volunteer there. We will follow Happy Birthday, with our orchestra presentation accompanied by Ms. Bailey on our first three songs. Upon completion of this 20 minute segment, the orchestra will relocate to the Memory Unit where we will repeat our presentation. Should be loads of fun. The residents we are told love to sing along. Please join us if you are available. Please bring a music stand to the concert. NOTE: THE BUILDING HAS RECENTLY ADDED A NEW SECURITY SYSTEM AND EVERYONE WHO ENTERS THE BUILDING WILL BE ISSUED A PRINTED BADGE, THE PROCESS TAKES A FEW MINUTES, SO THE EARLIER YOU CAN ARRIVE, THE EASIER THE PROCESS . Here is the link to the music: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1r6AAVPMVp_JjTlXy9KnJfI4t9mp7mg6V Rehearsal is Thurs evening june 13 at 7:15 PM in our normal meeting room.

Grass Roots Ukulele Meet-Up ( DATE CHANGE)

Ocean City Free Public Library

• We are going to celebrate summer! •The sun is bright and the sand is hot. The beaches are full of people, umbrellas dot the sand, along with a couple of large tents that look like they should be in the Sahara. And there's that cooler, holding all the goodies. Juice for the kids and more sophisticated beverages for the adults. (Alcohol is strictly prohibited. ) Its a time when we get too much sun burn, a place where young people are falling in love and a memory is growing that will last forever. Music will be loaded right here with a link added in a week or so you can download it or print it, and bring to the meet up. There's no need for music stands , we sit at long tables. Join us for a night of Summer Fun !! You'r welcome to bring a friend!!

Grass Roots/Avalon Meet Up

Boardwalk and 30th Street

An outdoor meetup on the Avalon Board Walk, at 30th Street. seating is provided but you'll need a music stand. Music will be provided or a link will be added HERE to download or print out the songbook. TBD. Don't forget your sunscreen, water and perhaps a hat.. Plenty of parking, and toilet facilities are available. THERE IS NO RAIN DATE.

Grass Roots Ukulele Meet-Up

Ocean City Free Public Library

• What we'll do •Bring a copy of the music or your Yellow Book and your ukulele. We are sitting at long tables so your music stand isn't necessary unless you prefer to use it. Here's the link to the music for November: The date shown on the song index page is incorrect, it should say Nov 1 https://drive.google.com/open?id=17ANT1OzSfMYAEoE37B8oopGDSg7q-Cjp • Important to know Next Month at our December Meet-Up we will be playing Christmas/ Holiday Music. ALL OF IT WILL BE PLACED ON THE WEBSITE WITH A LINK. IN JANUARY WE WILL BEGIN USING THE YELLOW BOOK FOR ALL SONGS, so ask for one as a Christmas gift or obtain one yourself from a music store, or Amazon.Com. The official name of the book is The Daily Ukulele compiled by Liz and Jim Beloff. There are two books available, a yellow book and a blue book. We will be using the yellow book.

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Grass Roots/Avalon Meet Up

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